Bastar Palace

Bastar Palace Jagdalpur

Bastar Palace Jagdalpur is another historical remain that is seen in Jagdalpur. It was the head quarters of Bastar Kigdom. It was built by the rulers of Bastar State when the capital of Bastar kingdom had been shifted from Barsur to Jagdalpur. At present this is keeping as a monument by the government.

Bastar Palace situated in Jagdalpur of Chattisgarh has the special ranking among the tourist places located in Chattisgarh. The Jagdalpur city of Chattisgarh is one of the major and famous city in this state that is located in Bastar district. There are many tourist attractions in this distict like historical sites, scenic landscapes as well as tribal culture. Bastar Palace of Jagdalpur in Chattisgarh state is on the top most ranking among all the other tourist places in this area.

This palace is exactly located in the Jagdalpur city of Chattisgarh that is the headquarter of administration of Bastar district. This site is being visited by thousands of the tourists from round the world and is among the famous historical sites in this area. This Bastar Palace was the administrative seat of the district that dates back since the prehistoric times. There is a very good facility of transportation for the visitors who wants to visit this palace, there are many shuttle buses, cars and taxis that can be hired and plies between the city center and the palace.


This Bastar Palace was constructed by the kings of the Bastar State. This palace has the historical importance that is being visited by thousands of visitors who wants to have look of this e palace bears a historically importance and is visited by thousands of tourists who visit to have a look of this significant architectural brilliance. The name of this palace has been derived from the name of the Bastar District.

According to the historical records this palace was being built during the prehistoric times after the shifting of the capital at Barsur to Jagdalpur by the rulers. The main point of attraction for the visitors in this palace is the superb figurines and drawings that can be seen on the ceiling and the walls of this palace. Glittering of this fort in sunlight is another remarkable addition to its beauty. One monument has been built by the government inside the area of this palace. Tourists can also enjoy the view of the artifacts as well as portrayal of bygone kings. Another thing that adds to the beauty of this palace is the awesome gardens that encircle this palace.

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